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Science and technology

Astronomy Net

Resources, searchable forums and searchable lists of organizations providing astronomy services.

An Atlas of the Universe

Contains 3D maps of the universe zooming out from the nearest stars to the scale of the galaxy and out to the surrounding superclusters and finally to the scale of the known universe.

Absolute Astronomy

Facts and statistical information about planets, moons, constellations, stars, galaxies, and Messier objects.


A multi-purpose guide for social scientists. A reference for researching any subject in society. Editor: Dr. Albert Benschop (University of Amsterdam).

Canadian Nuclear FAQ

Unofficial and privately-maintained list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding CANDU reactors and nuclear power generation in Canada.

Petroleum Community

Discussion forum and a library of videos and photographs related to the petroleum industry.

International Center for Automotive Research

Research and testing facilities slated to include an automotive electronics systems lab, crash-worthiness lab, fuels lab with an emphasis in hydrogen-based research, and a full-scale wind tunnel.

Auto Interiors Show

Details about the show, how to register, plus special events.

Food Science News - Topix

News on food science continually updated from thousands of sources around the net.

Future Food

Project focusing on the possibility of replacing animal products with other sources of protein. The project covers vegetarian meats, non-dairy milk drinks and egg

Active Earth

A web portal for the Earth sciences, providing access to news on recent earthquakes and volcanoes.


AgeSearch is a geoscientific search engine which identifies the geological time context of web searches, helping the user to estimate the stratigraphy of web searches.

NASA - Earth Science Division

Research center focusing on ecosystem science technology, atmospheric physics and chemistry, and airborne sensors. Includes list of research projects, discoveries, education outreach efforts, news, seminars, and publications.