Coaches Information Service

Contains research articles on sports coaching, arranged by sport and ranked by popularity.


Online sports coaching database, with a collection of animated coaching tips and ideas for popular sports.

Leicester University: Centre for the Sociology of Sport

MA Sociology of Sport, MSc Sociology of Sport and Sports Management by Distance Learning, and MBA Sports Management by Distance Learning.

Team fundraising by selling sweepstakes tickets for sports collectibles.

Amateur Athletic Union

A US based organization dedicated to the promotion and development of amateur sports. Event calendar, associations listings, insurance information, and contact information.

Canadian Sport Centre Calgary

The Centre provides athletes and coaches with leading experts in the fields of exercise physiology, sport medicine, strength and conditioning, biomechanics, nutrition, mental training, coaching and life services.

Corporate Games

A multisport festival held annually in many countries around the world. Athletes compete representing their company. Includes information and results.

World Medical and Health Games

Sports, accommodation, contacts, registration, FAQs, and shop.